Providing Pre-owned Sales, Consignment and Locator Services for Porsches™ and Other High-End Vehicles

Powertech Select Motorcars offers services to help our customers get behind the wheel of their desired pre-owned vehicle. Whether it's helping choose from of our pre-owned inventory, assisting existing customers find a new owner for their pride and joy or searching and getting you into the vehicle you always hoped to have, Powertech Select Motorcars will exceed your expectations.

For further details about our pre-owned vehicles and services contact:
Shawn Cudnik at or 973-663-9500

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Powertech Select Motorcars offers only high quality pre-owned vehicles to our customers. If you don't see the vehicle you are looking for, visit our Vehicle Locator Services page.

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Powertech Select Motorcars can eliminate all the hassle associated with trying to sell your high-end vehicle by doing it for you.

Visit our Selling your Vehicle page for more information.

If you are interested in having Powertech Select Motorcars sell your car on consignment, contact Shawn Cudnik at or 973-663-9500 to discuss your vehicle and fees as well as schedule an inspection.

There are many reasons why you may not want go through the search process for the perfect vehicle. Whether it's because of lack of precious time, uncertainty of the current marketplace or the bother of negotiating, Powertech Select Motorcars can take all the legwork out of locating and reaching an agreement for your desired vehicle.

Visit our Vehicle Locator Services page to get started.